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Dr. Iacuone and Three Wishes

Dr. John Iacuone has been in Lubbock treating patients from all over this region for 28 years. The pictures on his walls tell hundreds of stories about courageous kids fighting cancer. One of those stories will be told tomorrow night on NBC. Three Wishes is a new series that features Amy Grant and her team of miracle workers, who grant three wishes to people who deserve them. This time, one of those people is eight year old Carly Luscombe, a cancer patient at covenant whose brain tumor was discovered four years ago. NBC needed Dr. Iacuone and his team at covenant to make Carly's wish come true. Without giving away too much, I will tell you that the story brings Amy Grant to Lubbock, and it moves Dr.Iacuone center stage. With a huge spotlight on Covenant Hospital.

"You know all of the big cities get a lot of attention, you hear about them, but Lubbock and our little program recognized for quality work that my nurses, secretaries and research that we do. To have that recognized for a quality thing here in west Texas. I think that says something," says Dr. John Iacuone.

No kidding, the Lubbock Chamber couldn't have asked for a better reflection of our community than what you're going to see tomorrow night. Not only does it portray Covenant in a good light, but Dr. Iacuone ends up with an unexpected prize of his own. So, be sure to watch three wishes, tomorrow night on Newschannel 11. It airs at 8 p.m.

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