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Two Lubbock Teachers Recognized In State Competition

Many say that teaching has it's own rewards. But, this week we recognize two teachers who are tasting sweet success. Blue Bell Creameries is recognizing two local teachers as finalists for the Texas Teacher of the Year award. The recognition that came not only for Estacado High School English teacher, Beverly Finch and Jackson Elementary Third Grade teacher, Jan Mathinsen, but for their students as well.

Ty Koontz from Blue Bell told NewsChannel 11 that, "We at Blue Bell, we have high respect and regard for everybody in the educating industry and we just really appreciate every thing they do for the kids."

For Beverly Finch, it is teaching by example. She says she tries to be an inspiration to her students.

"I like to try to be a role model for my students and also do everything I can to try to get them prepared for college and get in college," said Finch. She is driven by her own children and strives to be the kind of teacher that she would want for them.

"I teach to make a difference in other kids lives, and hopefully other peoples lives in general," stated Finch. 

Jan Mathinsen looks to her family for inspiration as well, "When I look at my grandchildren and I look at my children I asked myself what would I want my kids to know..." and Mathinsen finds that those lessons go beyond text books.

"When I teach I feel like I have a responsibility to teach more than academics I have to teach them how to succeed in life. One of the greatest things I try to teach my kids is accountability I want them to take responsibility for learning. I want them to have a desire, a craving for knowledge," remarks Mathinsen.

But, right now it's Blue Bell that's satisfying a "craving" for success--success these teachers are humbled by.

"There is so many wonderful teachers and I am just humbled to know that I have been chosen to be a representative for them," commented Finch.

"A lot of people have made this possible cause again it isn't about me. I couldn't do this if I didn't have a wonderful staff, wonderful co-workers, and wonderful students," said Mathinsen.

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