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HealthWise at 5 From 9.30

  • Pregnancy Infection

CMV is common virus that infects over half of all adults, if it's passed to an unborn baby it can cause birth defects like hearing loss, vision impairment and mental disabilities. A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine found only 3% of infected women who were given a new therapy called delivered a baby with CMV compared to half of the infected women who did not receive the therapy. Researchers say this is the first therapy that appears to reduce injuries to high risk babies, however it is still in clinical trials right now. "CMV-Specifc Hyperimmune Globulin" and is still in clinical trials.

  • Teen Driving Risks

Parents of teens already worry when kids drive off. Now some new research by the National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development identifies when risky driving behavior really produces the most mishaps. The NIH accident analysis shows that teen drivers, both the guys and the girls, are more likely to speed and follow another car too closely when they have another person in the front seat. Boys, in particular, take the most risks, when they have another boy riding in the front. The researchers say they hope parents will keep this in mind when they set rules for new teen drivers.

  • Spouse Heart

When your spouse comes home from the office after a stressful day, doctors now say showing support will actually improve his or her health! Researchers followed 250 people, after dividing them according to either high stress and low stress jobs. They found the people who had stressful jobs, but supportive spouses saw their blood pressure drop. While those with a stressful job, and trouble at home watched their blood pressure go up at least two points a year. Researchers say the message here is people should be more aware that what we do and experience during the day really can affect us physically by raising or lowering our blood pressure.

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