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Rabid Bat Bites Lubbockite

Do not touch or get close to bats. That's the warning from the Lubbock Health Department. Tests confirm a rabid bat bit a Lubbock resident on Wednesday morning. That person is undergoing treatment.

This is the fourth rabid bat in Lubbock County this year and animal services says we can expect more. Animal Services Field Supervisor Laura Forsythe says, "It's migration season.The bats are headed towards New Mexico for the warmer weather and we'll be seeing them for at least a month."

If you see a bat on the ground, do not touch it or allow your pet near it. Call Animal Services at (806) 775-2057 to remove it. After six o'clock in the evening, on weekends or holidays, call the Lubbock Police Department instead. Their number is (806) 775-2865.

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