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Students Walk Campus for Safety

It's dark, isolated and quiet enough to hear the wind and rushing water of the fountain. This is Texas Tech University after hours, when class is not in session but many students are still up, doing homework or going out with friends. Shuttle busses like this one offer safe rides across campus, but students want to make it even safer.

"The students will point out areas on campus where they feel unsafe and where they need better lighting or where the bushes need to be trimmed," says Corporal Jack Floyd. Floyd is the Crime Prevention Officer with the Texas Tech Police Department. He's organized a safety night along with the Student Government Association. SGA President Nathan Nash says, "The student senate passed a resolution that we create a public safety committee consisting of Texas Tech police officers and students."

The Texas Tech campus is divided into sections and students are sent out in groups to look for safety concerns. Armed with clipboards, the students are surveying the campus in daylight to see what might be unsafe at night. Almost seventy phones like this one are located across campus. All you have to do is dial for help when there's an emergency. It's just one way Texas Tech is protecting its students. Residence Life Staff Member Leigh Wilson says, "We just want to make sure our students are as safe as possible and our facilities reflect that."

The biggest problem found during the safety walk was lighting and bushes that needed to be trimmed. For more information you can go to the Texas Tech Police Department website by ( clicking here ).

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