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HealthWise at 5 From 10.3

  • Liars

A study from the University of Southern California shows that people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate have less "gray matter" than others. Researchers say it's the gray matter that helps keep morals in check. Scientists have found liars have significantly more "white matter" in some parts of the brain than other people. The theory is, since "white matter" is actually the brain's wiring machine, the more wiring and activity up there. The more these people have an edge to master the art of deceit.

  • PDA'S

The days of lugging around huge medical books could be numbered. A report in the Journal Lancet, says digital and wireless is the wave of the future especially in the medical field, that more and more physicians and nurses are using palm pilots in their daily practices. Including students at the Texas Tech Medical School. That's a good thing, because researchers say that when doctors can more easily access information that other doctors have, patients can get better treatment faster.

  • Bone Injection Gun

IV fluids can save the lives of critically ill patients, but in some cases, veins can't be found or have collapsed. That's where the Waismed Bone Injection Gun comes in. The device consists of a tube, a tightly wound spring and a two part needle. The device is placed on the shinbone, and after deployed, IV catheters can be attached on the part that remains connected to the bone. The device is being used in emergency situations faced by the US Military, as well as by many paramedic units.

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