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Drug Free Options That May Help With Menopause

Since the discovery two years ago of the risks involved with hormone replacement therapy menopausal women have been looking for more alternatives to beat the symptoms of menopause. Now there are drug free options that may work for some women.

Like many women 53 year old Donna Nowak was faced with decisions to deal with her menopausal symptoms. 
"Hot flashes, clamminess, night sweats. You wake up in the middle of the night and you're drenched," says Donna Nowak.

There was one option she wasn't interested in. 

 "I wasn't comfortable taking any kind of prescription on an on going basis," adds Donna.
So she looked into alternative therapies like those offered at the Cleveland clinic's integrated medicine office. One stick did the trick.
"I had one acupuncture session and from that point on had no menopausal symptoms." claims Donna.
While more study is needed, donna's part of a growing number of women finding relief through acupuncture. 
"But we're finding that many patients have one or two treatments and their symptoms of irritability and hot flashes seem to go away." says Dr. Tonya Edwards at the Cleveland Clinic.

Donna went through nearly seven years of symptoms before finding relief.  For those having trouble, holistic options may be worth a try.   

 "Any of the mind/body techniques such as imagery, self hypnosis, you name it can be very helpful for calming some of their frayed nerves that women get as their hormones in flux," says Dr. Tonya Edwards.

Soy has also been found to be beneficial. Doctors say soy found in foods is better than supplements.

Monica Robins - NBC News

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