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HealthWise at 5 From 10.4

  • Vinegar and Appetite

The pungency of vinegar adds a spike of flavor to salads and pickles. Now a new study find the sour condiment can help maintain blood sugar after meals and ease between meal cravings. Participants in a study at Lund University in Sweden ate bread soaked in up to two tablespoons of vinegar. People we ate the bread with the largest amount of vinegar felt the most satisfied two hours after the meal. Blood glucose levels were also 25% lower compared to a bread meal that didn't include vinegar.

  • Mega C and Cancer

Taking a daily dose of Vitamin C, either in a pill or from the diet, is good for your overall health, but scientists have determined that when it comes to killing cancer cells, the C needs to get into the body in another way. Researchers from the National Institutes for Health investigated the use of mega doses of Intravenous Vitamin C to fight cancer cells. Building on previous research, they found a ten gram dose given intravenously, resulted in concentrations in the body 25 times greater than the same oral dose. At that level, cancer cells were kill led without harming healthy cells.

  • Candy Bar Trick

Though cutting back on sweets is an important way to control weight, there's a way to enjoy your candy and watch your weight too. The American Heart Association suggests cutting your favorite candy bar into bite size pieces. Then, wrap each portion up and put it into the freezer, when your sweet tooth gets a hankering for a treat, unwrap one chunk and let it slowly melt in your mouth, preserving your candy sanity and your diet.

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