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Alleged Sexual Assault Prompts Security Changes at LISD

An alleged sexual assault forces Lubbock ISD to review and change its security policies at Dupre Elementary. Before this Tuesday, you could walk into Dupre Elementary through two sets of doors, all other doors were locked, but now all doors will be locked except the main door.

Aimee George's two kids go to Dupre Elementary, she said security definitely needs to be re-vamped. "It's too easy for people to go in the school and wonder," said George who has also been a volunteer for 13 years. She said she has seen many alarming incidents at Dupre.

"I've actually seen it, just people come in," said George. "There's teachers that do see it and ask what they're doing, but a lot of times it's pretty easy to just walk in there."

The school implemented a new policy Tuesday; only the front doors will be open, all other doors will remain locked. All visitors, parents, or volunteers must sign in at the office.

The changes come after 19-year-old David Kennimer allegedly sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl in an unseen area of the school's gym. Lubbock ISD Public Information Officer, Nancy Sharp, said Kennimer was told he could take pictures of the building, but he was not to go near students or photograph them.

Sharp said, "The principal's asked that parents be partners and help with any suggestions or ideas they may have, so many parents are walking kids to school and are very involved in day to day activities, we ask that they also be alert and be on guard."

The school is also considering installing closed circuit video cameras to help survey areas that can't easily be seen, such as the gymnasium where the alleged assault occurred.

George learned of the sexual assault incident Tuesday and is pleased with the school's quick response. "I was going to let it go, but like I said, I have two children here," said George. "I'm concerned, very concerned about it."

The policy change is only for Dupre, as each individual school has its own policy.

Frenship and Lubbock Cooper ISD's both have similar security policies. Most doors remain locked and all visitors must check in with the office and wear a visitors pass. Frenship uses some surveillance cameras.

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