Indictments: October 3, 2005 - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

This is a list of indictments issued by grand juries in Lubbock County, Texas, as reported to KCBD by the Lubbock Police Department. The individuals listed here have not necessarily been convicted of the crimes for which they were indicted.

Indictments: October 3, 2005

Marquez, Roberto L. Forgery
Nichols, Mochael S. Forgery
O'brian, Edward R. Forgery
Reyna, Sunshine Forgery
Craven, Jodie L. Forgery
Richardson, Dustin H. Burglary of Habitation
Johnson, Buckles D. Credit Card Abuse
Johnson, Buckles D. Fraudulent Use/Poss'n ID Info
McClure, James B. Burglary of Habitation
Negrete, Jennifer Credit Card Abuse
Andrada, Lisa M. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Catlett, Curtis R. U.U.M.V.
Valadez, Dustin M. U.U.M.V.
Stubblefield, Billy U.U.M.V.
Grisby, David C. U.U.M.V.
Delarosa, Ruben U.U.M.V.
Davis, Robert Theft
Martinez, Roy L. Credit Card Abuse
Ballejo, Sabas Jr. Retaliation
Lloyd, Johnny L. P.C.S. W/ Intent 4-200g
Walker, Morty V. P.C.S. <1g
Adams, Gary R. P.C.S. <1g
Blake, Kimerly L. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Bradley, Lajoy J. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Mendez, Rachel K. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Reyes, Michael O. Tampering w/ Evidence
Roach, Amber M. Obtain C.S. by Forgery


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