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Teacher You Can Count On: Olga Sparks

Teaching can be a tiresome job, but for this weeks teacher she gains energy while teaching kindergarten. This week News Channel 11 went to West Early Childhood Center in Levelland and it was inside a classroom there, that we found an educator who's love for her students bring her more energy than a cup of coffee. "She sings she dances with the children she plays with them she just keeps them entertained. I mean they just learn and learn all day long." Jannie Hernandez has many good things to say about Olga Sparks. 

And, for this weeks Teacher You Can Count On, Olga Sparks teaching was not always a childhood dream. But, it made a perfect fit once she started. Sparks was a hair dresser for 24 years before starting to teach. "Actually I wanted to be off in the summers like my husband and my children. Then once I got into the teaching profession, I was like my gosh I should have been doing this all my life." commented Sparks. Now while teaching she is finding out that she enjoys watching her students grow and mature as learners. "Its exciting to see them learn and mold their minds. And that's it. That's my inspiration to get them to read and write and learn." said Mrs. Sparks. 

Sparks has several unique teaching methods that she has developed. Including singing and dancing and even the occasional rap or two. Sparks stated, "I am not a good rapper, but we do rap. And they learn that way. If I run out of energy it is time to call it quits. But, so far I just take my vitamins and go on, and dance with the kids and jump with the kids and do all the things they like to do." We asked Sparks what gave her the energy. She replied, "I guess my love for the job. Every morning I wake up and I just keep thinking what are we going to do today. And sometimes I follow my lesson plans and sometimes I just say oh I got something else I want to do." "Mrs. Sparks is wonderful teacher. She is very exciting very cheerful and the children just love her, we all do." said Hernandez. And, it is that unique energy and passion that makes Olga Sparks this weeks teacher you can count on. Next week we take to the field with a Coronado soccer coach to learn why he is hard on his players.


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