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Lubbock I.S.D. Withdraws Plan to Close O.L. Slaton

The district had proposed shutting down O.L. Slaton Junior High and turning it into a fine arts, broadcasting and career center. But Thursday, they withdrew the idea after days of protests and rallies from parents and students.

The students chants were strong and passionate. L.I.S.D. got the message. They have withdrawn their proposal to close down O.L. Slaton and look at other options.

Board President Mark Griffin says the board urged administrators to go back to the drawing board. "New information is being gathered, input is being received, collectively let's try to make the best decision possible," said Griffin during the news conference.

Chrsity Martinez-Garcia was a witness to the announcement and it is pleased the school district will explore all options. She has a child attending the junior high school. "It's still vague but it gives me hope. One thing, it makes sense to listen to parents," she said.

Superintendent Wayne Havens says no option is on the table but once there is, the public will know about it. "Once a decision is put forth, if it involves students there will be a chance for the public to respond," said Havens.

School officials have also cancelled the public meeting set for October 11th.

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