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Older Moms Have Greater Chance of Twins

Does it seem there are more twins out there today than there used to be? Yes, there are more twins today, and not just because more women are using invitro-fertilization, which increases the likelihood of multiples.

That aside, more women are having twins today because women are more likely to wait to have children, and what they don't know is women in their mid-thirties are more likely to have fraternal twins than younger women.

"If you are looking at women up through 20, their risks are about 3 in a thousand women between 35 and 40 it's 14 in a thousand," says Dr. Richard Beckerman OB-GYN.

One theory is that in the mid-thirties, women produce more eggs, not the healthiest of eggs but more of them. Dr. Beckerman says it's God's way of helping older women conceive, but it also increases the likelihood of twins.

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