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Lubbock City Council Secures Water for Next 100 Years

Lubbock City Council made a major decision which determines if you have enough water for the next 100 years. They unanimously approved three major supply plans which will take us through the next century. Right now city council estimates the city will have a population of nearly 500 thousand within the next 100 years. Water supply alternatives will be crucial to that growth.

The Lubbock Water Advisory Commission presented three plans Thursday. Eighty percent of Lubbock's water currently comes from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority. One plan is to build additional pipelines from Lake Meredith, which is northeast of Amarillo, to Lubbock.

Another is building pipeline from Lake Alan Henry to Post, then from Post to Lubbock.

The third is the developed water plan, which means capturing and treating ground, rain and affluent water.

Council's decision Thursday will make Lubbock eligible for grants from the Texas Water Board. However, much more planning has to be done before any work begins.

Councilman, Gary Boren said, "this is going to take all our best minds and efforts to look very long term, yet very short term on how we handle taxpayers' money and getting the best for our water."

They won't necessarily implement all plans. The next step is hiring engineers to analyze the cost of each project and how much water each project would provide. They still don't have a time frame on when construction would begin.

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