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Lubbock Music Festival Hopes to Draw Tourism

Thousands are expected to fill the Depot District Friday night for the first annual Lubbock Musical Festival. Pat Green is the head-liner for the free concert. The city of Lubbock dedicated 175,000 tourism dollars to help get the festival started, in hopes that this event will draw more music interest back to the South Plains.

The entertainment task force says this event has already been a success because it's the first time so many different businesses and organizations have come together to help promote the heart of Lubbock's music industry. The festival is headlining a former Lubbockite, Pat Green. Marcy Jarrett from Visit Lubbock says, "Lubbock is known for their musical heritage and known for cutting edge music, so we had to bring someone like Pat Green out who is known for his cutting edge sound."

The South Plains have always been known for musical innovation, and now local organizations are using that foundation to bring tourism to Lubbock. Jarrett says, "You can definitely feel the excitement. A music festival like this puts Lubbock back on the map for music again."

Don Caldwell, the chairman of the entertainment task force says, "Our charge from the city council was to figure out ways to bring public awareness up about the value of the entertainment industry in West Texas, and one way to draw awareness was to put on a free musical festival fit for a king. An Elvis look alike said, "I love all this stuff going on, it's good for Lubbock and the price is right."

The concert free for the public, but the city invested $175,000 from hotel/motel taxes in hopes to make Lubbock the music hub once again. Jarrett adds, "We've had staff on chat lines that have heard from people flying in from Houston." And Caldwell says, "The investment of tourism from the City of Lubbock makes a statement that Lubbock can be a tourist market and the statement is the festival. We can bring people together and show them what it means to be here in Lubbock."

The visitor and convention bureau says they hope that the music festival will draw more attention to the music industry and will help attract more events like this in the future.

Lubbock Music Festival Schedule of Events
The Giant Side of things to do October 6th - 9th in Lubbock.  See the complete schedule of events, including the stage line up for the Lubbock Music Festival.

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