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Punkin' Days

Floydada's Chamber of Commerce held the 19th annual Punkin' Days Festival Saturday. The festival celebrates the harvest of over 15 million pumpkins in the area.

Local farmer Jon Jones said that, "Now is a wonderful time. Because it is harvest time, and that is great for our community."

The festival has grown in size every year and is expected to see an excess of 6,000 people this year. The Punkin Days Festival has transformed from a small community gathering to an event that causes the town of Floydada to block off downtown for the celebration.

"It's a pretty good event it brings in a lot of outside dollars to our community. Its getting bigger every year and people come out and have a real good time and have lots of fun. There are lots of games for the kids and just a good family environment." stated Floydada's Mayor Bob Gilliland.

Mayor Gilliland is proud of his town being known as the pumpkin capital of the U.S. "I want to say in 81 or 82 is when we kicked this off and it just kind of took the name Pumpkin Capital U.S.A.," stated Gilliland.

Now Floydada is the pumpkin capital, but this crop was first brought in as a supplemental crop for cotton farmers.

"I am thankful that the American consumer wants to use cotton, and also I hope they continue to purchase pumpkins." said Jones.

And with the many uses of the orange vegetable Floydada is in no trouble of loosing it tittle of Pumpkin Capital U.S.A.

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