Indictments: October 4, 2005 - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

This is a list of indictments issued by grand juries in Lubbock County, Texas, as reported to KCBD by the Lubbock Police Department. The individuals listed here have not necessarily been convicted of the crimes for which they were indicted.

Indictments: October 4, 2005

Childress Jr., John H. Burglary of Habitation
Mears, Johnathon Agg. Robbery
Terrell, Howdy L. Burglary of Habitation
Pena, Steven S. Agg. Assault
Bradley, George J. Agg. Assault - Public Sevant
Rivera, Rudy Robbery
Guerrero, Julian Agg. Assault
Pena, Teodoro Agg. Assault
McBrewer, Terrance Agg. Assault
Green, Bodrick L. Agg. Assault
Franklin, Andrew W. Agg. Assault
Ramirez, Joann P. Agg. Assault
Castellon, Manuel Sexual Assault
Whitfield, Byron J. U.C.W. - Prohibited Place
Rackler Debbie R. Agg. Assault
McKinnis, Kevin L. Stalking
Lamkin, Christopher W. Agg. Assault
Labruzza Jr., Joheph A. P.C.S. <1g
Castaneda, Maria M. Tampering w/ Gov't Record
Sharkey, Christopher R. Evading w/ M.V.
Jeffress, Rodney G. P.C.S. <1g
Jennings, Jessica E. P.C.S. <1g
Hernandez Jr., Oscar F.S.R.A.
Ruiz, Vincent F.S.R.A.
Martinez, Pascual R. P.C.S. <1g DFZ
Sims, Michael S. Agg. Kidnapping
Volanos, Matthew Retaliation
Knox, Helen L. Injury to Disabled
Jones, Timothy L. P.C.S. <1g
Rodriguez Jr., Alfonso R. P.C.S. <1g DFZ
Wilborn, Brittany M. Retaliation
Mireles, Juan F. Assault - Public Servant
Taylor, Roger Assault - D.V. w/ Prior
Reyna, Antonio Assault - D.V. w/ Prior
Guerrero, Adolfo Jr. Assault - D.V. w/ Prior
Robins, Cedric L. Assault - Public Servant
Sifuentez, Carlos P.C.S. <1g
Martindale, Kendrick E. Tampering w/ Evidence
Nelson, Mickle A. P.C.S. w/ Intent 1-4g
Barrera, Baldemar Injury to Elderly
Johnson, Frederick F.S.R.A.
Aleman, Michele V. P.C.S. <1g
Marchbanks, Brandon D. Poss'n Marihuana 4oz - 5lbs
Kelly, Audwin H. P.C.S. <1g
Miller, Terry J. P.C.S. <1g
Campirano, Mario B. P.C.S. <1g DFZ
Celis, Rodrigo G. P.C.S. <1g DFZ
Mills, Christopher R. Evading w/ M.V.
Saldana, Andrew P.C.S. w/ Intent 4-200g
Saldana, Andrew Unlawful Poss'n of Firearm by Felon
Craner Rhonda L. P.C.S. <1g DFZ
Jester, Jared N. Evading w/ M.V.
Silvar, Larry Evading w/ M.V.
Taylor, Lucas W. Evading w/ M.V.
Franklin, Andrew W. P.C.S. w/ Intent <1g
Thomas, Christopher U.U.M.V.
Chino, Devonn M. P.C.S. w/ Intent 4-200g
Wilson, Stella M. P.C.S. w/ Intent 4-200g
Wilson, Stella M. P.C.S. w/ Intent 1-4g
Houston, Justin W. P.C.S. <1g
Briones, Jimmy L. DWI
Escobedo, Edward H. DWI
Hill, Randell T. DWI
Luebando, Ramiro V. DWI
Silvas, Pedro DWI
Griffing William C. DWI
Kenny, Mike B. U.U.M.V.
Pina, Tommy U.U.M.V.
Rivera, Robert U.U.M.V.
Moore, Kirt M. Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Felon
Alexander, Christopher E. P.C.S. <1g

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