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Group Offers Help to Women with Ovarian Cancer

You wouldn't think something as seemingly simple as a couple of volunteers answering phones could be a life-saver, but that's exactly what this is. This is the ovarian cancer hotline run by "SHARE", a support and information group led by breast and Ovarian Cancer survivors. Women like Betty Reiser. "I was developing queasiness, back pain, pelvic pain, I was bloated, I was urinating frequently, generally not feeling at all myself,"says Betty.

And contrary to popular belief, Betty's Ovarian Cancer was not a death sentence. In fact, she was diagnosed and treated almost 34 years ago. Still, it's the first thing women think when they're diagnosed. (sot: linda koteen/ "share" ovarian cancer programs) "Yes, they immediately think they are going to die. They have heard ovarian cancer referred as the 'silent killer',"says Linda Koteen of "SHARE". 

Linda Koteen runs the Ovarian Cancer programs for "SHARE", and directs her team of trained volunteers who help women through what is often the darkest time in their lives. "We're here to help them sort out the questions they may have, maybe run through the what the doctor has told them so that they can better understand what they may be facing as far as the type of surgery, the type of treatment they may have, or just to help them emotionally deal with what they're been told,"says Linda. But perhaps the most important thing women get from the hotline is hope.

All these women are ovarian cancer survivors. "There's a difference at the end of the phone call. We can hear the hope in their voice, we can almost see the smile on their face at the end of the phone call,"says Linda. A key to beating Ovarian Cancer is early detection. If early warning signs like Betty's persist for more than 2 weeks, make sure your doctor checks you for Ovarian Cancer.

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