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Shallowater High School "Driving" Safety Message to Community

It's called Project Ignition, designed to educate and save lives behind the wheel. A finalist in last year's competition, State Farm Insurance presented Shallowater High School with a $2,000 check. This year, they're taking that money and service learning grants to create a new program, "Gone in Seconds."

Sophomore Bryson McCarty says, "We'll be putting messages in our water bills, bank statements, and electric bills to the Shallowater residents, messages about safe driving." It's a safety message, Shallowater High School is sending out to the entire community. A play called "Skidmarks, " will warn about the dangers of driving while distracted and other driving dangers.

Posters around the school will serve as a daily reminder to students to drive safe. If they're still not getting the message, they'll find these messages on their vehicles in the school parking lot.

  • Keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Don't talk on cell phones.
  • Change CDs at stoplights only.
  • Don't drive with passengers until you're experienced.

DVDs will be made for younger children on scooter, pedestrian and bicycle safety. McCarty says, "We want the little kids making good choices." For the older ones, the reality of bad choices like drinking and driving will look more like the mock Shattered Dreams project. Senior Channing Childre says, "I just hope it gets home to their hearts." McCarty says if the program can save just one life, it's worth it. "People ask why is it significant and we'll tell them if you can save just one life, anything is significant."

Shallowater is entering "Gone in Seconds" into a national contest. Their campaign includes defense driving seminars for senior citizens. Students will also be working with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in sting operations.

To learn more about Project Ignition, ( click here ).

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