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Local Parents Investigating Teen Drug Crimes

Lubbock parents are going undercover to get drugs off the street and away from schools. The parents already provided one tip that led to the arrest of seven teenagers, five of them minors. It happened just feet away from Coronado high school last Friday.

Two concerned parents made the call that drugs were being dealt in the parking lot of Wienerschnizel, just feet from Coronado high school. DPS went to do surveillance last Friday and they say what they found was shocking.

"When you drop them off in the morning, you see what happens during lunches and after school." Two concerned parents heard rumors of a drug problem near Coronado high school. When they went to check it out for themselves, they couldn't believe their eyes. "The kids hanging around there, there are so many, so we decided to sit there and watch. They put out baggies and started dealing. Some even waited in line." The parents took their information to the school district and DPS. It took DPS one day to respond, and when they did, they saw multiple drug deals. Seven people were arrested.

"We do not have a drug problem at Coronado, we have a drug problem in society." Coronado high school principal Eric McKnight says they use drug dogs, random searches and preventive programs to keep drugs out of school, but says they need help from parents to keep drugs away from kids. "Kids are responsible for themselves when they get off campus, as far as behavior and how they act. As a parent I tell my kids how to behave out in public and do so in a correct way."

Sara Wilson with drug prevention for LISD agrees it takes a parent-teacher relationship to keep a drug free community. "Students come to schools with drugs. We're not selling in the cafeteria, we're not manufacturing them, the students bring them in, but students also take them home."

The parents agree that they have a responsibility to keep drugs out of their home, but they're taking it a step further to keep drugs off the streets. "Kids are at driving age, I don't want to be on the streets when they're high."

DPS narcotics are still investigating the case, trying to find the source of the drugs. They are also working with LISD and Lubbock police to learn where other teens may be buying and selling drugs. The two parents we spoke with say they'll be going undercover across the city, trying to get drugs off the streets.

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