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Ashley and Baby Go Home

Ashley Rodriquez doesn't need a belly bed now. She had her baby Monday night. Amelia Diane Rodriquez is a healthy eight pounder, and Wednesday it was time to go home.

"It's umm, look at her, really awesome, unbelievable, to think I did this, we did this, and we get to take her home and keep her. We couldn't be more blessed," says Ashley Rodriquez. Late today, Ashley and Robert loaded up their bundle of joy along with a cart full of balloons, gifts and flowers for their first trip home with their new baby. Ashley couldn't stop staring at her. Robert couldn't figure out how to work the car seat.

"You supposed to take the blanket off? Yes, take the blanket off," says Ashley Rodriquez. Through it all, little Amelia was so patient with her new parents. Being the first grand-daughter in a family full of grand-sons, the word is her nickname will not be just Mia, but Princess Mia.

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