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The "Belly Bed"

Expecting mothers need all of the sleep they can get. But the problem is their belly can get in the way of this much needed rest. After hearing the complaints. A woman invented a special bed for soon to be moms. Long before the baby's first cry, soon to be moms are up all night. "It's broken sleep. It's never straight through," says mother-to-be Lisa Fahey. 

At 6 months along lisa fahey faces the "Pregnancy Problem." Doctors tell an expecting mom not to sleep on her back because of concerns it may interfere with blood flow to the baby and Lisa's belly is just too big. So she's stuck on her side, which can be painful. "Very uncomfortable. Just lower back pain. Your legs throb," says Lisa. Lucky for Lisa her sister-in-law, Kim, is a Massage Therapist with an imagination. Using the idea of pool floaties Kim invented the "Belly Bed." "This allows them to lay face down which takes pressure off of the low back and leaves the baby in a more free floating position," says Kim. 

The bed comes in two sizes and has large openings for both her belly and face. "During the early stages of pregnancy they can place them in the hole to make up the difference," says Kim. As well as a breathing hole, the bed can also help women lie on their side more comfortably. If you're thinking this sounds crazy, Lisa says she thought the same thing until she tried it. "At first we were kind of like "what" and then i used it and i'm like she came up with a great idea. It's nice to know that people can now rest comfortably especially through their pregnancy."

Kim has been selling the bed for about a year and she's found it helps more than just "moms to be". One woman had liver tumors which left her stomach distended. She was able to use it to sleep comfortably the bed costs $40 for the smaller version or $50 for the larger version. Kim is in the process of making some newer beds, including a see through one in case you get claustrophobic. But before you try the belly bed you should talk with your doctor first.

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