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Randall Morrow Attends Bankruptcy Meeting Following Guilty Plea

Just hours after pleading guilty to scheming dozens of people out of almost $5 million, Randall Morrow attended a bankruptcy meeting which will help determine how he repays victims.

Morrow filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on August 11. Thursday, he met with creditors. The meeting was to verify Morrow's assets. Creditors asked questions about what he owned, such as houses, boats and jewelry.

About six victims also spoke. One asked, "Why did you take my money when you did not need it?" Morrow replied, "I was wrong."

Before Thursday's meeting, Morrow filed a waiver of discharge, meaning he will not be cleared of all debt. The bankruptcy trustee will now determine which assets can be sold and how to repay the victims. It is clear they will not get a full refund.

Victims Speak Out About the Man Who Stole Their Life Savings
Lubbock daytrader Randall Morrow is now awaiting his sentence after pleading guilty to bilking dozens of people out of nearly $5-million. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel was in court when Morrow pleaded guilty. She spoke with the victims about trusting a man who, in some cases, stole everything they had.

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