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A Bat Found at NewsChannel 11

We had some excitement here at NewsChannel 11 Wednesday night when this bat landed right by the station exit. We remembered the advice from animal services and called to have them take it away. Turns out five bats around here have tested positive for rabies this year, and animal services tells us it's not uncommon to see bats right now, because they're migrating.

"They have tiny, tiny teeth. It would be very unlikely that you would even know if you were bit. If you ever see a bat flying around be very cautious. Most of them do carry rabies. Some of them don't," says Rhonda Marett with Animal Services.

Rhonda says the station bat will not be tested for rabies because no one was exposed. Again, if you see a bat, don't go near it or let your pets near it. Call animal services during business hours. At night or on weekends, call the police.

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