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Routine Traffic Stop Ends in Shooting Death

Police are still trying to figure out why a young man took his own life after a routine traffic stop turned deadly. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel was on scene moments after a high speed car chase, and she explains the events that led up to the death of 19-year-old Adam Garcia.

It began like any other traffic stop. Police pulled over the driver in a green Neon for speeding. The driver, 19-year-old Adam Garcia stopped near the South Loop and Slide across from Embassy Suites. Lt. Roy Basset said, "As the car came to a stop, the subject bailed out of the car and began to run on foot. The officer pursued on foot, we believe at the time that subject did have a gun in his hand."

Garcia ran across the Loop to the Rockfish parking lot. A witness said, "I was in the store and I heard a pop, like a pop gun."

Rockfish Releases Statement After Carjacking
A Lubbock restaurant released a statement Friday afternoon, after one of its employees was held at gunpoint in the parking lot, Friday morning.

Garcia fired at least two shots and held a woman at gunpoint before stealing her red 2000 F-150 pick up truck. And that's when the chase began.

Don Hall, a local neighbor said, "I walked outside my front door and heard a loud bang, a couple of cop cars came down and then there was all kinds of activity."

39th and Salem is where the high speed chase ended. The red pick-up truck went over the curb, blew out a tire. Just seconds after crashing into the yard, Garcia pulled out a small caliber gun and shot himself in the head. Lt. Basset says, "It was just a run of the mill traffic stop, and for whatever reason, we don't know a lot of history at this point, but for whatever reason he decided to bail out of his car."

Garcia did have a criminal background, but why he ran from police may always be a mystery.

Witness Talks About High Speed Chase Ending in Suicide
The events that took place Friday beginning with a routine traffic stop and ending with a suicide is told to NewsChannel 11 by eyewitness, Melissa Aguirre.

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