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Church Thieves Strike Again

Someone is stealing from local churches and Lubbock Police are trying to find out who.

Four churches have been burglarized in the last month. Thieves are breaking windows and stealing TV's, DVD's, cameras, microwaves and other electronic equipment.

Redeemer Lutheran Church has been broken into three times. A piece of wood now sits where the thief shattered a stained glass window. "I think the irony that they broke through a stained glass window at the feet of Jesus and as Christians we are supposed to forgive but on this side of heaven you have to face consequences and justice which we hope will prevail," said Reedmer Lutheran Church Pastor Jay Beyer.

Asbury United Methodist Church has been burglarized six times in the past month. The church put up a steel bar to keep the thieves out but that didn't work, they just moved to the next room and broke a window. Once inside, the kicked in doors and stole electronics. "People start to feel unsafe in this environment and that's probably the worst," said Andrew Talbert, Executive Director of Hope Community of Shalom at Asbury United Methodist Church.

If you have any information that can help police solve these burglaries, call Crime Line at 741-1000.

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