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Lubbock Church Burglaries on The Rise

The burglars broke the stained glass window to get inside the Redeemer Lutheran Church. Paster Jay Beyer says it is more painful to see that, then what was stolen inside the church.

"The irony is that they broke the stained glass window at the feet of Jesus. As Christians, we are to forgive but also on this side of heaven, you have to face the consequences," said Pastor Beyer.

He says someone has broken into the church located at Avenue W three times, with a failing fourth attempt. Pastor Beyer reported to police $7,200 in damages and stolen items. "They stole 4 televisions, a microwave, digital camera and a vacuum cleaner of all things," he said.

Three streets down, "Last Wednesday, we were broken into for the sixth time," said Andrew Tolbert, Executive Director of the Shalom Community. He says the first time it happened, church members put a bar across the bottom windows. However, they quickly learned that was not enough. Each time, a different window was broken. Each time, something more was taken from Asbury United Methodist Church.

"They've stolen TVs, recorders, video and audio recorders, and tools," said Tolbert.

Since last month, a total of four churches were broken into. Both Paster Beyer and Tolbert say they are in disbelief. "I was absolutely shocked. I couldn't believe somebody would break into a church and steal things," said Tolbert.

Pastor Beyer says they will install a security system.

If you have any information that could help catch the thieves, police would like to talk to you. Call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

Pastors tell us the worst part about this whole ordeal is that members of their congregations are starting to feel unsafe.

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