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The Ultimate Scrubber: Does It Work?

I have stared at the dirt on my air conditioning vent thinking, "I really should do something about it." As soon as I got this scrubbing powerhouse in my hand, I finally did.

The Ultimate Scrubber costs $32, shipping included. You get six different brush attachments; some that are soft and some that are rough. But Does It Work?

The neck tilts, it says for easier scrubbing. It is battery operated, waterproof, and has two cleaning speeds. The Ultimate Scrubber says it can clean my air conditioning vent. Quite honestly, it worked great!

It was even able to take the dirt off the ceiling too. Another good use for the Ultimate Scrubber is washing dishes. I switched to the sponge attachment and went to work. I almost felt like I did not have complete control over the product. It wanted to spin out of my hands.

We tried to scrub a knife with peanut butter on it, but I quickly learned it would have been easier to use a regular sponge.

I was able to remove the coffee stains from around the drain in no time and the cooked food on the grill.

The scrubber was dirty with grease from cleaning the grill, but with a little soap and water, it was clean again.

You can use the scrubber on tile, grout,laundry, and carpets. I thought this product was very useful. It Works!

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