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Presidential Library Coalition Gathers Plan for Oral Presentation Announcement

NewsChannel 11 has the latest news on the proposed George W. Bush Presidential Library. On Monday, the library coalition received a letter making it official; they will go to Washington D.C. to give an oral presentation. The letter states date, time and location, which is November 16th at 9 a.m. at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. However, the letter doesn't give specific information on the presentation itself.

The vision and drive to bring the Presidential Library to Lubbock is definitely there. Video obtained by NewsChannel 11 is part of the original proposal sent to the library selection committee. It documents all the ideas for a Lubbock library. The video helped earn the coalition a meeting in Washington D.C. to further discuss the proposal. However, the committee hasn't said what they want to see.

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Texas Tech Coalition Representative, Dr. Don Dyal said, "What's the presentation going to be like? Don't know, haven't talked about that, we'll work on that next week."

They don't have a specific presentation plan just yet. However, Coalition Chair, David Miller said they're putting together a strategic planning group. Even when they adopt a plan, that will remain sealed. "We don't want to give our playbook to SMU, Baylor and Dallas. They can do what they want to do, but we're going to keep ours guarded."

There's been talk of hiring an outside firm to help with the oral presentation, but that may no longer be needed. "We're going to make calls to some people that have done these types of projects before. More as advisors as opposed to paid consultants," said Miller.

The group has talked about highlighting their proposal's major points, which is unique in that it represents all of West Texas. "It's a coalition of partners," said Dyal, "basically every major community in West Texas. No other proposal has that."

Ultimately, They want to meet the customer's needs. in this case the customer is the president. "If we can identify those needs, then obviously you're going to get the nod of the head from the president," said Miller.

The coalition will also concentrate on Lubbock as a good central location, and they'll push the fact that George and Laura are from West Texas.

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