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Zapping Away Stretch Marks

For years there have been products promising to shrink stretch marks but none have ever really worked. "So like everybody else I'm sure have bought creams upon creams and you know fake tanning everything to hide or disguise them," says Sara Davenport. That was until Sarah tried the V-Beam, a special laser that simply zaps them away. "They probably weren't as squigglie looking as they were before," says Sarah. This is her third treatment and she's pleased with her results so far.

"The best result that someone might expect would be for the pink really to totally disappear," says Dr. Lynn Byden. Stretch marks are not uncommon, they happen to both men and women. You get them in a number of ways--pregnancy, growth spurts, body building, even gaining or losing weight. "And essentially the skin can't hold the tension, and it stretches just like anything else would instead of ripping, it just spreads a little bit, and we get a stretch mark," says Dr. Thomas Rohrer. 

here's how the laser works: On new stretch marks that are red or pink, it shrinks and removes any blood vessels. On older ones that are white it remodels the lines by stimulating and creating new collagen. "And thats what helps fill the stretch mark in," says Dr. Thomas Rohrer.  Kerry Fitzgerald wants to give it a try. "I got stretch marks because I gained alot of weight when I was younger," says Kerry. After she lost the weight her new battle wasn't with the bulge, it was erasing the lines they left. "I am excited, I hope it will work," says Kerry. 

While they lasers are showing promise, experts say patients need to be realistic about results. "It will blend in better with the surrounding skin but never totally go away," says Dr. Lynn Byden.

"There are some patients that just have spectacular results, unfortunately that is the exception, not the rule," says Dr.Thomas Rohrer. As for Kerry, she says that she hasn't noticed a difference yet. After her first treatment she's still hopeful her stretch marks will soon be smoothed out. "I am going to follow up for another treatment in two months and see what the results are and go from there," says Kerry. Experts say the best results are on stretch marks less than a year old and between 3 and 5 treatments are recommended.

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