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Red Raider Fans Keep "Guns Up" in Austin

Red Raider fans kept their guns up through the good, the bad, and the ugly for the Texas- Texas Tech game. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel travelled to Austin to show you how the red and black showed their spirit all over UT.

"Go Tech!!!!" "Hook um horns, no guns over here." Fans cheered and screamed all the way down the tailgating block just hours before the game. One thing was for sure, both Texas and Texas Tech kept their spirits high. One fan predicted a 49-35 win for Texas Tech. Another yelled to the camera as Longhorns threw tortillas toward him saying, "They don't know that the greatness of the Red Raiders, you know it, everybody wants to be a tortilla thrower, but only if you're Texas Tech."

"It will be a 20 point win for Texas." "No it will be the complete opposite for Tech." Brett and Anthony Rodriguez walked down the street wearing the two different colored shirts. "We're brothers." Brothers whose sibling rivalry runs deep. "I graduated from Texas Tech." "I hate Tech."

But as the buses arrived, and the game got going, the Longhorn fans pulled ahead leaving Raiders fans behind with just long faces.

Even though we know the end of the story at the big game, the real story was behind the fans that came out to support Tech at UT.

Greg Aycock's mom said, "We were going to win, win in Austin's back yard, it just didn't work out that way." Another fan said, "I was happy to be out here to support them, but I'm kind of disappointed in the game." And another Raider mom, Ruth Hicks said, "The game was right on in the first quarter, but the best team won."

Even though the Cinderella story didn't happen for Tech, the Red Raiders fans held their heads, and guns up high for the next game. "Tech fans we always do a good job, go Raiders."

To give you some perspective about how many Red Raiders fans attended the game, the stadium in Austin holds 82,000 people. The Texas Tech section was full with about 4,000 fans.

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