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Teacher You Can Count On: Denise Caughron

From building layers of the atmosphere out of paper plates, to experimenting with dirt and water, Denise Caughron belives that her students will remember more if they get their hands on what they're learning. Murfee Elementary is where we met up with this weeks Teacher You Can Count On. Although text books and lectures are an essintial part of Caughron's classes she has learned to combine "teaching" with "doing". 

When asked why she taught Caughron stated, "Because I love it, I can't imagine doing anything else. I got a chalkboard for Christmas when I was 6 and I was hooked." And while she loves teaching she also loves finding new ways to get her students to learn more. "I intergrated a lot of the hands on stuff into my own teaching," said Caughron, "and  that way also its fun." Right now Caughron's class is learning about space travel. And she has a special project in store for her students. "In fact they're going to start building rockets that we're going to have a contest to see who can shoot their rocket the furthest."said Caughron. 

"The experiments we do are always fun because she lets us do it insted of just listning to all the stuff." stated Andriana Aguilar, one of Caughron's students. "I think they learn more from it if they can read it, and see it, and do it. Then they are going to know alot more if they just read the matterials." said Caughron. And she has found that most of her ideas for hands on style of teaching have come to her from her own two boys. She has also found that her students love being able to experience learning. "I think that your brain remembers things that you do." said Caughron. And, it is her creativity in being able combine classroom lectures with hands on activities that make Denise Caughron this week's Teacher You Can Count On.

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