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Neighborhood Meeting Targets Crime

A group of North Lubbock residents is tired of living in fear because of crime in their neighborhood, and now they're taking steps toward changing that pattern. District One Councilwoman Linda DeLeon hosted a neighborhood meeting focusing on how everyone can work together to decrease crime activity.

Residents have various crime concerns, NewsChannel 11 searched through police records and found thefts, burglaries and car burglaries frequently happen in the area. One family has noticed a lot of drug activity on their street, and after they called police to report it the unthinkable happened. We've agreed to conceal the man's identity for fear of further retaliation. We refer to him as Joe.

"We were sitting there rocking and watching TV and a brick comes flying through our window. It sounded like a gunshot, so I grabbed the kids and go out of that room," recalled Joe.

He said that incident is retaliation for reporting suspicious drug activity he's been monitoring for over a month, and still, he's not backing down. He attended the neighborhood meeting aimed at crime prevention in North Lubbock, hosted by Councilwoman Linda DeLeon. Joe said such meetings are a must, rather than ignoring crime that's slowly moving closer.

"It was a block away, then in our block, but at the other end, then it's two houses down and it's moving closer and closer, so we've got to do something about it," said Joe.

Police Chief Claude Jones, said crime in the neighborhood is down. However, Redeemer Lutheran Church has been burglarized three times in the past month. Since then, DeLeon said she's received countless calls from concerned citizens. She said it's time to take back the neighborhood.

Deleon said, "We don't want this church or any other church in any neighborhood to close because of vandalism, so we've got to unite together as law abiding citizens and say it's going to stop, and the only way we can do that is by working together."

Citizens talked about how to recognize drug activity, they're also concerned with what kind of person may be responsible for various burglaries. Chief Jones spoke about the importance of reporting suspicious activity. They passed out contact sheets so everyone would know how to report incidents.

Joe has learned first hand what may happen by turning someone in, but he is still convinced things can change. "Talking to people and telling my story, it seems like not many are left that think anything can change, which is disappointing too. They say we just have to live with it and I don't want to just live with it."

Joe has since moved temporarily to escape the crime. Right now chief Jones says he has ideas to help combat the problem, more of which he'll make public in the coming weeks.

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