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CPR Anytime

 The students at Saint Paul Academy and Summit School know what it's like to learn CPR out of a box. Rory Collins was among those who last year tested the American Heart Association's CPR Anytime Course, an accelerated version of the traditional CPR class.  "You really have to pay attention and I think that helps it sink in a little better," says Rory. 

And now the kit is on the market. Rachel Drunker of the American Heart Association says in just 22 minutes, it can effectively teach someone CPR. But can it really, when a traditional CPR course takes hours? "There is research that has recently come out that says that this combination of practice and do and dvd driven training produces as good of skills as a traditional class," says Rachel Drunker. It does so by focusing on the basics, breathing and compressions and it does not going into heart attack symptoms or details about choking that would be covered in a traditional class.

Drunker says for those needing certification, CPR Anytime does not replace a traditional class but it does make learning CPR easy and inexpensive for others. Once you've taken this course, what happens if you actually have to put this information to use? Legally, are you protected as much as you would be had you actually taken a full certification class? "Good Samaritan laws pretty much around the country would protect someone who acts in good faith to help someone else," says Rachel. 

Students like Collins reopened their kits and had a refresher course this year. "I think most of them had remembered much of what they learned last year," says school official, Judy Cummins. 

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