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McDonald's Labels Food

Are you craving fast food but concerned about the fat and calories? McDonalds has come up with a solution. The FDA does not regulate food labeling or require it for restaurants, but McDonald's says it tried this in several test markets, and people liked it. So starting in 2006, all the McDonald's will have nutrition information displayed on most of its products.

The fast food chain has created a bar graph based on a 2,000 calorie diet showing the grams of fat, calories, protein, carbohydrates and sodium contained in the product, including Big Macs and french fries. This way, consumers can gage how that meal fits into their meal plan for the entire day, in terms of nutrients needed and calories allowed. The only problem is the McDonalds bar graph will be based on two thousand calories a day, and some people may need more or less than that.

So, to figure out how many calories you should eat each day based on age, sex and activity level. The government has provided its own chart for that. For information on how many calories you need everyday, go to and put in details about you.

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