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New Leads in Year Old Quadruple Murder

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Lubbock PD Lubbock PD

Lubbock police are making a plea to the public. They ask you call them with whatever information you may have concerning an East Lubbock quadruple homicide. One year ago, a family friend found the bodies of Tammy Cooper and her three children at the Windcrest Estacado apartments, now called Mission Square. The four were killed with a sharp instrument and suffered blunt force trauma. Investigators now know Tammy was talking on the phone when the murderer entered her home. She made comments about that man to the person on the phone.

Police say their suspect is a black male that arrived alone and knew Tammy and possibly the children.  Detective Rey Martinez with the Lubbock Police Department says, "I have not been able to determine exactly who it is but this investigation is still underway. We're still identifying people that had contact with the victim in the past. I feel very confident that we will find out who this person was."

Detective Martinez is urging anyone with information to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000. He says no information is too minor and one detail could help break the case. An $11,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

Quadruple Murder at Windcrest Estacado Apartments
A manhunt continues for the killer or killers of a woman and her three children. A family friend discovered the bodies just before 8 o'clock on Monday morning at the Windcrest Estacado Apartments on North MLK.


As police continue to follow leads in this brutal murder, surviving family members say they are just trying to get by one day at a time. October 1st would have been Tammy Cooper's birthday. Her mother chose that emotional day to take flowers to Tammy's grave and the graves of Tammy's three children. One year after tragedy struck, Mary Cooper told NewsChannel 11 "I can't help but think about it because I have their pictures over my bed and in my living room and I look at them all the time and I miss them because we were close."

For the past year, Mary has been searching for answers, every day wondering who could have been so cruel and so evil to take the lives of those she held so dear. At a time when the attention of an entire country was tuned to the 2004 presidential election, Mary was collecting her daughter's and grandchildren's belongings from the very place they were killed.  She says, "She (Tammy) didn't have any problems with anyone that I know of and I know the children didn't. It's hard to think of somebody cutting their throats."

Mary says God's strength keeps her going and it's what keeps her hoping justice will be served. Until then, everyone she sees is a suspect.  She says, "It keeps you wondering if you know who it is. That is a hard pill to swallow because some of her friends used to come around me and that bothers me.  Especially when I go to the other side of town where we used to live."

A year later, the apartment complex Tammy Cooper lived in has a new name and life has gone on, but Mary believes Tammy and her children will never rest until their killer is found. In the meantime, Mary feels their presence every day.  She adds, "I'll be laying in bed sometimes and feel like the boys are messing with my toes.  They used to do that. I wake up sometimes and it feels like they're calling me. It's a sad way to live, but I've got to endure it."

Of course, Mary begs anyone who knows anything about this case to come forward. She says she does not wish for the death penatly, she wants the murderer to suffer in prison and live with what they've done.

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