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Breast Cancer Survivor

Brenda Wilson is recovering from a cancer that sneaked up so fast; it could have been deadly. She felt a lump in her breast last year, but there was nothing to indicate that it was cancer. Since this is breast cancer awareness month, we'll let Brenda tell you what saved her life, in her own words.

"The mammogram just did not reveal it even though I could feel the lump, so he said it is probably a fibroid adenoma which is a benign cyst and not uncommon of women my age. So a few months later I felt like it was getting larger and I called him again and he was like lets take a look at this again. This time I had a sonogram and still do not reveal very much. Breasts can be very dense and the cancer was just hiding in there and we just couldn't find it with a sonogram or a mammogram. A few months later it started to hurt and get larger, so I went to a surgeon. The surgeon had me in surgery within a week and had a partial mastectomy, four rounds of chemo, 33 sessions of radiation and now I am getting my hair back and life is good," says Brenda Wilson a breast cancer survivor.

So, Brenda's message to her daughter and other women. Go with your gut feeling. If you think something is wrong. Be persistent. Brenda is one of the contributors to an art bra exhibit that is making its debut in Lubbock on Friday. Dozens of artistic bras will be on display, but 12 are featured in a special calendar which you can buy for 14 dollars. A portion of the proceeds from the calendar sales will stay here in Lubbock to support the services at the Joe Arrington Cancer Center. The art bra exhibit is on display this Friday afternoon at Malouf's from 1 to 3:00. The calendars will be available there too.

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