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Medical Breakthrough: Alzheimers Treatment

Alzheimer's disease robs people of their memory and their ability to learn and to make judgments. Each year, more than four million Americans are faced with that diagnosis. Now, researchers in Chicago, Illinois, are experimenting with something called gene transfer. It uses the drug Cere 110 to send growth factors deep into the brain. Using very thin needles, surgeons inject the drug into the area of the brain that deteriorates early in Alzheimer's disease process. Ron Shellady was the first patient in the world to receive this new drug. Here is Ron four months later.

"It's easier now not to forget; yes, I would say that's true. I pay more attention. I'm more attentive to things that I have, that I know I have to pay attention to," says Ron Shellady the first Alzheimers patient in study.

Ron says he feels like he is no longer losing his memory, but of course, time will be the real test. Rush University in Chicago is the only center in the world participating in this new study. To participate in the trial, patients must be between fifty and eighty years old in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's disease. To learn more about the trial, log onto and click on the neurology channel or contact,Veronica Cech, research coordinator at Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, 600 South Paulina St. Suite 1029, Chicago, IL 60612, (866) 761-7806 or at

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