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Staying Safe and Having Fun on Halloween

Ghosts, witches, fairies, and super heroes will roam the streets Halloween night with bags full of goodies, but here's some tips to make sure your kid-o's don't have a ghoulish night.

* Make sure you kids have a good healthy dinner, so they will be less likely to fill up on candy.

* If you are expecting trick-or-treaters, make sure walkways swept and there are no objects in their way.

* Children should only go out during daylight hours unless they are with an adult.

* If your kids are old enough to go out alone, plan a safe route and set a time for them to be home.also remind kids to stay in well-lit, populated areas - and stay with a group.

* Make sure that an adult examines all the candy before it is eaten.

* It's a good idea to keep the Halloween candy put up, and only give a little at a time so kids don't eat too much.

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