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HealthWise at 5 From 11.2

  • Brain Tumor Pump

An experimental treatment for patients with a certain kind of brain cancer is helping nearly double their survival rate. Gliblastoma is difficult to remove because the cancer wraps around the brain cells beyond the original tumor site. To reach those elusive cells, Duke University Medical Center is treating patients with an infusion of a new drug that goes directly into the brain. The four day regimen begins with catheters inserted into the brain. The a forceful stream of chemotherapy flows at hundred of time the dosage of traditional IV chemotherapy.

  • Hardy Apple Allergen

It is apple season, but for some that crisp fruit causes mild to severe allergic reactions. Now, some new research finds that even cooking apples wont weaken the fruit's allergens. In the journal, Allergy, researchers report that a protein in the apple peel, can cause reactions as severe as anaphylaxis, and it is not destroyed when heated. In experiments, the protein unfolded when heated, but the refolded into its original form after it cooled, retaining the apple's allergy causing protein.

  • Peeling Cholesterol

Another report on peel, but this time it is the orange peel making headlines. Even though you do not eat it, this peel can prove to be a real winner when it comes to reducing cholesterol. The agricultural research service has isolated flavanoids in orange peels called polymethoxylated flavones, or PMF'S. In experiments, these PMF'S decrease levels of a protein found in LDL cholesterol the bad cholesterol. A clinical study is already underway in Canada to test the effectiveness of the orange oil derived pmfs in patients with above average cholesterol levels.

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