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Body Art: Does It Work?

Ever wanted a tattoo but was too frightened of the needle and the cost? A product called Body Art only costs $25 and its airbrush method promises a painless experience. But Does It Work?

You do not need batteries because the spray gun works off of carbon cartridges. You get three in your package. I put the cartridge in place and poured the paint in its container. I twisted the cup tight and sprayed a test spot. "I have to replace the carbon. It is already empty," I said.

So I put in another cartridge and picked a tattoo stencil. This would be where I ran into my second problem. The adhesive is pulling off the paper. I can not pull the stencil off. "See, what a pain! It will start to pull, then it just tears!"

I went through seven stencils trying to peel it off. Desperate to do this test, I did not give up. I have a half of one on my arm. Let's try it," I said.

All that work for this? You could hardly see what the tattoo is supposed to be. It is supposed to be a rose.

I tried it again. This time with one that I thought would be easy. I peeled another stencil much easier, but it still stuck to the paper. But once again, I ran out of carbon and have to put my third, and last carbon cartridge in the gun.

I finished the spray and peeled off the stencil. "That is weak!" I said. This product gave me problems from the very beginning. The Body Art was more like body mess.

It Doesn't Work!

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