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Lubbock Agencies Work Together to Fight War on Drugs

The war on drugs is happening right here in Lubbock, and local agencies say drug traffickers should be scared. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke with narcotics teams from the Lubbock Police department and the Texas Department of Public Safety and found that although they work for separate agencies, they have the same common goal; get the bad guys. It's not only law enforcement that's jumping on board to help get dealers off the streets, but average citizen as well.

Drug bust, after drug bust, after drug bust. If it seems like law enforcement has been busy busting dealers, you're right. "We've been busier, but not with an increase in drugs." LT. James Shavers from LPD narcotics says the increase has been for two reasons; one, they've had more time to investigate tips since the end of the task force, and two, they've gotten more tips. "People are tired of dope dealers on the street and tired of people coming and going in their neighborhoods. And now we're able to focus our attention there."

"On average we get one a week, that's 52 a year, it's high, that's how busy they stay." Capt. Joe Longway says DPS narcotics is also busy. They say while cocaine and marijuana are the drug of choice for the South Plains, two other drugs have reared their ugly heads. "We've seen a significant increase in ice because of meth decreasing because of the legislation. There was a large increase in ecstasy seizure that has a lot to do with the overdose and death."

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Both agencies say it's because of communication and team work with other agencies and community members that's making the war on drugs a little harder for the enemy. Shavers says, "a lot of critics say we aren't taking a lot of drugs off the street, but if you ask neighbors if we do any good, they'll say we are." DPS adds, "I've only got 5 guys, but you add that to LPD and also LSO and now I've got an army. And I think my army's going to win."

Both DPS and LPD say they investigate every call or tip that comes into their departments, and they say all callers can stay anonymous with their information.

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