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Cancer Exercise

There is some evidence that exercise can reduce a woman's risk for breast cancer or even a recurrence. So, researchers at the National Cancer Institute are taking a new approach, to see if exercise can really make a difference when it comes to breast cancer. This study is going to follow inactive women, asking them to change their ways now, and get active. To measure how that difference in lifestyle affects them over time. Dr. Jennifer Eng-Wong is the study's lead researcher.

"Our main thing that we are measuring, is can we get you to do it, can you increase your exercise that's what we really want to see. The other things we are going to look at are risk factors for breast cancers, things like circulating hormone level in the blood, cholesterol levels, and some immune markers," says Dr. Jennifer Eng-Wong at NCT Breast Cancer Research.

Women in the study are between the ages of 18-75. They are either at high risk for developing breast cancer or a survivor, and they have to have been considered couch potatoes, up until joining this study. The difference will be big. They'll have to start walking 10 thousand steps a day. That's about 5 miles. So, if you think you'd be a good candidate for this new breast cancer research, go to

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