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Using Exercise to Battle Breast Cancer

Kate Herrod has walked many miles through this park and she's been counting each step, to help breast cancer research. "I am a breast cancer survivor, i was diagnosed with dcis, ductal carcinoma in-situ in december of '02, and i had been interested for quite some time about the role of exercise in health and in particular preventing breast cancer," Kathy Herrod. 

So Herrod eagerly enrolled in a new study looking into that. Most of the previous studies on this subject have relied on people answering questions about how active they think they are, or were, before they got cancer. This study is going to follow some inactive women, ask them to get active, and then really find out how it affects them over time. Dr. Jennifer Eng-Wong is the study's lead researcher. "Our main thing that we are measuring, is can we get you to do it, can you increase your exercise that's what we really want to see. The other things we are going to look at are risk factors for breast cancers, things like circulating hormone level in the blood, cholesterol levels, and some immune markers," says Dr. Eng-Wong. 

Women in the study are between the ages of 18 and 75. They are either at high risk for developing breast cancer or a survivor. And they must be considered sedentary before signing up. Some participants are then asked to walk about 5 miles each day. They keep track of their steps with a pedometer.  "So this is a nice way to do the intervention, really measure what they're doing, and see if it does have an effect," says Dr. Eng-Wong. 

Kate Herrod keeps a very busy schedule and sometimes finds it hard to reach her daily goal of 10-thousand steps. But she's worked hard at it, "every time when I did this, when I was tired, and I didn't want to do it, it was like I gotta get out there and do this for the women of America. And my husband was like, 'GO! GO! You're doing this for the women of America!'"

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