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25 Years of Karin & Abner: On Air Together

Throughout the month of November, NewsChannel 11 will celebrate 25 years of excellence. Karin McCay and Abner Euresti have been on the air together at NewsChannel 11 for 25 years, making them the longest running anchor team in the country.

To give you some perspective of what's happened over the last 25 years, Karin an Abner have been on the air for seven Olympic Games, they've covered seven presidential elections, four presidents and six Lubbock mayors since 1980. "Dallas" was the number one TV show when they debuted as an anchor team. In this celebration of 25 years, Karin McCay and Abner Euresti talk publicly for the first time about the biggest stories of their careers.

Odds are, if it's been news in Lubbock in the last 25 years, Karin McCay and Abner Euresti have told you about it. The two have anchored over 12 thousand newscasts in that time, some of which they'll never forget.

For Abner, it's the September 12, 2001 newscast, devoted to the previous days terror attacks in New York City. Before going to work on 9-11, Abner recalls seeing the first tower fall on TV.

"I just sat on the bed and started crying because I realized I was watching hundreds, maybe thousands of people dying," recalled Abner.

Karin and Abner immediately began reporting how the terror attacks would affect us here, but neither of them realized how difficult it would be to constantly see the images from New York.

"They got to us as much as they got to anybody else," said Abner, "and it was hard sometimes to just see all that was going on and not to reflect that on air."

Karin recalls covering the Greenlawn bus accident in May 1999. Six local high school girls died on their way home from a church retreat in New Mexico.

"I could hardly make it through the news and I was really worried about my credibility because I was really losing it in air, but it was so emotional for the whole community," said Karin.

But not all moments on the NewsChannel 11 anchor desk are serious. Karin recalls when her necklace broke into dozens of pieces on the air as she was reading a serious story on serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas. Karin said she was so overcome with laughter and Abner had to read the rest of the story. After moments of fighting back laughter, Abner lost and both were laughing.

That necklace earned them international recognition, the TV show "Bloopers" bought the segment.

"Every time they'd run it on Bloopers, they'd send me a $100 check and I made $1,100 off that stupid necklace!" laughed Karin.

Through it all, they've remained the most watched anchor team on the South Plains, and they attribute any success they've had to you, the viewer.

"They have a choice and we're a guest in their home every night. It's wonderful they've been able to accept us as they have over the years," said Abner.

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