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Food for Thought Report 11.3

There's a first time for everything... we knew it could happen! A Chinese restaurant that bucked the trend is our first top performer. Located at 5217 82nd street it's the China Town restaurant! Owner Chen Lee says, "It is a big deal. We took over this location two years ago and we've been working really hard."

Food for Thought 11.3
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 11/3/05.

Chen Lee, or Grace as she likes to be called, has reason to be excited. During her last health inspection, even the health inspector told her it has been a while since she's seen such a clean Chinese place. Chen Lee says, "Our heartbeat was pumping so fast because a lot the time people don't think Chinese restaurants are clean, but we are clean. Every little bitty detail is clean. That's how I prefer it. It's all about the details."

Congratulations China Town and congratulations to Las Casuela's at 701 East 50th Street. They're also a top performer as is a new addition to Lubbock: McAlister's Deli at 2415 19th Street. Manager Jay Arismendez says, "We have our system in place and make sure everything is taken care of morning and night."

McAlister's just opened on October 24th and already they're swamped with business. Lubbockites are making the fast, casual restaurant a big hit. Jay says, "We're really healthy. No fryers, nothing greasy, everything is... we have a vegetarian menu, sandwiches, soups, appetizers. We're health conscious."

If you're hankering for dessert after that, Sheridan's Frozen Custards at 5101 82nd Street is also a top performer.

Buffalo Wild Wings at 8212 University is our only low performer this week. Buffalo's had five critical violations.

  • Employees were not washing their hands between job duties or between changing gloves.
  • Chili and shredded cheese were not date marked.
  • Hand washing sinks were not accessible.
  • Toxic items were not stored properly.
  • Food contact surfaces were soiled.

All critical violations were corrected on site. A manager tells NewsChannel 11 the store is under new management and they are working with the health department to improve. In fact, they plan to meet with their health inspector next week.

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