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100 Arrested for Hot Checks

Lubbock authorities arrested more than 100 people Thursday night for the same reason; they are all accused of writing hot checks. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel shows us how hot checks don't just cost the business, you also end up paying.

It was a knock on the door that came as a surprise to over 100 offenders during the check raid. But the district attorney's office says the hot check writers they arrested had more than enough time to take care of their debt, and chose not to. Matt Powell, the interim DA said, "You really have to want to get arrested if you get on this hot check run." The DA's goal is to give merchants their money back, and when you're a small business owner, that money could be the difference in making a profit, or closing for good.

Scott Gloyna, owner of Daybreak Coffee says, "Hot checks come right out of my pocket." Gloyna has been in the coffee business for 14 years, and he says every bad check is another dollar from his profits. "People need to take responsibility for what they do, everybody makes mistakes and I understand that but I've got two kids and everybody's gotta eat."

The DA agrees, and that's why they are on the side of business owners and tracking down those who are intentionally taking what's not theirs. But until the offenders pay, honest customers are paying the price to make up for money lost.

If you think you have an outstanding check, the best way to clear your name is to call the district attorney's office and set up a payment plan.

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