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Teacher you Can Count On: Leigh Balios

She grew up in Las Vegas, where entertainment is big business. For the past twenty years, Leigh Bailos brought entertainment to the classroom. "I love kids and I believe in having fun and if you can't do that you're not going to get their attention now days," says Mrs. Balios. 

Mrs. Balios teaches with singing, dancing and jeopardy. "Its a critical thinking skill when you have to generate the question from the problem solving prompt it's much more difficult," says Mrs. Balios. 

Mrs. Balios is able to keep her students attention with games like jeopardy. "It's no longer just come in and sit down and do your work because they're not happy with just that you have got to challenge them and you got to make it fun," says Balios. But within "that fun," you'll find a lesson. "Every song we sing is a learning activity it involves learning I don't just sing to sing although I would like to," laughs Mrs. Balios. 

And it's that singing that made Evan Smith do a double take when walking by Mrs. Bailos room. "She was doing her paper work singing and dancing I don't know what she was singing but she was doing pretty weird dancing," says Evan.

"I love to sing and I love to dance I think I am going to tryout for American Idol," says Mrs. Bailos. Who knows she might be the next Kelly Clarkson with an educational twist. And when Balios is not singing and dancing at school she is taking care of her own three kids.

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