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Fans Of The Red & Black Were Out In Full Force

Many consider the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M, to be the biggest home game of the season. From the body paint to the hours of tailgating Red Raider fans always show their support for Texas Tech when the Aggies are in town. 

"We live and die for Texas Tech football this time of year." exclaimed Bob Lothringer, a Tech alumnni.

For some of Tech students the excitment of the game brought them out hours and even days before the gates opened. Kathryn Gerwig had waited in line for hours to get in to the Tech game. When asked why she did it she said, "So we can get good seats, and so we can see all the action up close, and cheer them on."

Waiting in line wasn't enough for all of the students. "We have a little more school spirit than just wearing a t shirt." Said Rebeca McEwen, who had successfully painted her entire body red and black. 

Students weren't the only one's supporting the Red Raiders, some fans came from across the state to Lubbock just to cheer on the Red Raiders. "We left Midland at about six o'clock, and we've been out here since 8:15 am." Said Bob Lothringer, who has made it a religion to come to every Tech home game. "We have been out here every home game. We don't miss a game, many times we will take our equiptment and tailgate on the road." Said Lothringer. 

Fans like Connie Gay and her family made the road trip from Fort Worth just to be able to surround them selves with other Tech fans. "It is fun we enjoy tailgating and hanging out with all the other Red Raiders out here." Said Gay. 

When asked why some people support the Red Raiders Lothringer answered, "I have supported Texas Tech university since 1960. I have got a lot of money poured into this university both my sons are graduates, I am a graduate and we are going to die Red Raiders."
Fear the Fro is their motto and they can be found whooping it up for their favorite team at Texas Tech sporting events.  Learn more about the FRO BROS!

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