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Aggies Bring Traditions to Lubbock

The Aggies not only brought money to Lubbock, they also brought along some of their traditions. Saturday night the Aggies held their "Midnight Yell." They congregate for about 30 minutes to pump up for the next day's game. One hard-core Texas Tech fan, whom you may know of as part of the "Fro-bros" says he's impressed with their spirit.

"It's fascinating what the Aggies do. So it's really cool to just come out and watch them. It's something you don't get to see very often especially on your own home turf. Coming here to Lubbock when they're away. It's pretty gutsy. It takes some guts," Armen Williams said.

Red Raiders followed the yell with their own renditions of the Aggie fight song.
Fear the Fro is their motto and they can be found whooping it up for their favorite team at Texas Tech sporting events.  Learn more about the FRO BROS!

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